ULULA by Emanuele Taglietti

ULULA by Emanuele Taglietti

“Once upon a time, many many years ago, there was an obscure realm populating dark corners all over Europe. Diabolic female creature dwelled men’s thoughts and savvy and greedy women’s minds, wormed their way into the gloomy clefts of homes, living rooms and barbershops. Their names are carved on the dusty tombstones of memory: shameless vampires, dead lovers, devil’s daughters, lewd witches and afterlife whores are about to reawaken to please your darkest and sinful cravings. Only your insatiable luxury, your perfect fetishism, will be able to revive them from the oblivion where they fell, in a deep sleep, shrouded in the fog of the infernal abyss. Which spell will reawaken their sweet cold limbs? Which occult desire could bring them back to life?”.

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